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4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement

Longevity, staying power, relevance, knowledge, and lasting relationships are the key differentiating factors between a 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement and the temporary quick fixes currently available to businesses today. Real-world dimensional solutions drive real world results that are both measureable and maintainable in every customized 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement that we create, deliver, and support. Our 4D International professionals collaborate and partner with each client to UnThink™ business as usual as we assist you or your organization in its efforts to unlock its unlimited potential. We accomplish this by mentoring, coaching, teaching, and advising you through our proprietary dimensional change process. Every client engagement delivers quantum leap improvements, sustainable results, and creates a real competitive advantage while both you and your business Go Dimensional™ and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

Our 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagements leverage the knowledge and experiences of our global network of 4D International professional as we deliver an innovative solution that is scalable and customized to meet the specific needs of every client. Individuals, executives, department managers, and small business owners can effectively utilize this solution to address specific personal or operational challenges, identify and remove barriers to success, maximize department and business profitability, streamline operations for greater efficiency, and to gain traction while implementing transformational change initiatives. 

The 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement Targets


Change Management


Corporate Social Responsibility

Cost Reduction

Decision Making

Engagement, Culture, & Diversity


Growth & Profits





Mergers & Acquisitions

Operational Improvement

Organizational Development

Organizational Effectiveness

Performance Improvement

Process Improvement




Sales & Marketing




Talent Management


By combining a blend of on-site and remote support, our 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement is a cost effective way for businesses to get the help, support, and guidance that they need as they Go Dimensional™; creating a real competitive advantage in the process. The relationships, knowledge, and experiences that you gain throughout the implementation and execution of this innovative solution will last a lifetime, changing the way you view business and life forever as you and your business Go Dimensional and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

4D Upfront Pricing & Guarantee

Our 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement monthly pricing starts at $1595.00 (USD) per month and lasts between 3 and 24 months. Every 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement is Guaranteed to produce a 5 to 1 Return on Investment Ratio using your own financial numbers and key performance indicators. We also deduct the 4D Organizational Analysis™ costs from the monthly fee structure on a prorated basis over the length of the 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement.

If our 4D International professionals are not able to achieve the 5 to 1 Return on Investment Ratio, we will work with your organization at no additional cost until we meet the guarantee.

To schedule your free no obligation consultation, please contact us.