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4D Organizational Engagement™

Every zero net cost, 4D Organizational Engagement™ that we design and implement delivers guaranteed quantum leap improvements that are maintainable and measurable. This innovative customized dimensional solution creates a clear vision, solid strategy, aligns and engages the organization, relentlessly executes for results, and continuously targets areas of opportunity.

Our team of 4D International professionals work both on and off site with your organization as we collectively UnThink™ business as usual to deliver quantum leap results, while accelerating the pace of improvement and change. Working hand-in-hand with every level of the organization, we provide additional traction and knowledge throughout each phase of this dimensional solution; delivering guaranteed quantum leap results and sustainable improvements every step of the way.

Our 4D International professionals work “on the ground” with front-line employees, supervisors, and executives utilizing our proprietary transformational change process and proven dimensional business methodologies. Together we implement and install new or redesigned organizational process improvements, management systems, behavioral change programs, training, and employee engagement initiatives. Every step of the way real bottom-line results are delivered as we jointly remove the identified barriers to success; while we maximize profitability and streamline operations for greater efficiency. In each phase of this solution, we create and deliver customized dimensional knowledge solutions that support the continuous improvement and growth of the organization as it begins to Go Dimensional™ and experiences Driving Singularity.

4D Organizational Engagement™ Phases

        Explore it

To understand any business, you must first understand all of the parts within the business; the people, knowledge, systems, and results as they interconnect and relate to each other. Our 4D International professionals collaborate with every level of the organization to understand the past, present, and future barriers to success. Whether we are looking at one single area of your operation or the entire organization, the first step is simple and straightforward. Exploratory interviews, fact-finding assessments, and a comprehensive analysis provide the details that are critical to understanding the potential opportunities within the organization. Together we review each finding, discuss the opportunities, and determine what the next steps should be.

        Navigate it

Having the right strategy in business is a critical success factor. However, the right strategy alone does not ensure success. Organizations must effectively navigate through the ever-changing obstacles and barriers that exist in a competitive globalized world. This requires skill and engagement levels to be simultaneously leveraged across the organization. Collectively, the organization must continuously focus on adjusting its course, adapt to internal and external forces, and successfully navigate through the barriers to success. People, knowledge, systems, and results pull in one direction. Market trends, industry opportunities, technological advancements, and economic factors pull in the other, constantly challenging businesses today, making it harder to ensure that the organization stays ahead of its competition. In a competitive world, survival of the fittest is the hard reality that every business faces.

Our 4D International professionals work with the core management team to ensure that the vision and strategy stay on course no matter what challenges may lay ahead for the organization. From setting a course of action, or navigating through to a long-term goal, we will help your organization avoid the obstacles, break through the barriers, and mitigate any future constraints that would limit the business’s ability to make quantum leap improvements. Collaboration with the executive and management team every step of the way ensures that every organization achieves exponential results, on time and on budget.

        Share it

Many businesses have a great vision and strategy but fail to communicate the strategy effectively and efficiently throughout the organization. This causes false starts, poor performance issues, low employee morale, and plenty of missed opportunities. Using our "social engineering" techniques and our proprietary organizational alignment process, we work with every aspect of the organization to ensure that the critical masses get the right information, at the right time, and understand what is in it for them and the organization as a whole. Success or failure can hinge on this often forgotten critical element in the alignment process. Many management teams under estimate the shear power of the critical mass within their organization or do not know how to leverage that power to achieve great success.

Our 4D International professionals work within specific taskforce teams made up of individuals from every area of your business to create and deploy employee engagement and alignment initiatives that support the identified strategic goals and objectives that are critical to the success of the business. Simultaneously, we also look at creating additional engagement and alignment initiatives with customers, vendors, and the local community through a comprehensive process that creates new opportunities and guarantees rapid results.

        Drive it

In every business or organization, the root causes of missed opportunities can lead to failures. The most common opportunities that we see are a lack of drive, an inability to make decisions, an unwillingness to execute the organization's strategic plan, or broken relationships within the business operating systems. The critical success factors in the execution of any strategy or plan lie in the actions. Actions get results. Many businesses today spend so much time and effort ensuring that they have the right vision and strategy; they create engagement and alignment across the organization, and then forget about what it takes to drive and deliver the results. Other times, organizations simply do not have the horsepower, expertise, or bandwidth to turn the concepts into realities.

Working hand-in-hand with our 4D International professionals we provide the traction and guidance the organization needs; ensuring each deliverable occurs on time and that every initiative is sustainable. By taking a very hands-on-approach throughout this phase, together we transform your business, creating a dimensional organization that is fast, flat, and flexible. The organization then learns to deliver results, while it also adapts to any internal and external factors that could have a negative impact on the overall success of the organization.

        Sustain it

Every 4D Organizational Engagement™ that we create, deliver, and install utilizes a continuous improvement support mechanism; this ensures that the improvements, re-defined processes, and results are sustained long after our onsite team has delivered the mutually agreed upon benefits that were a part of the 4D Organizational Engagement™. It is at this point your organization will truly begin to experience Driving Singularity.

4D Upfront Pricing & Guarantee

Our 4D Organizational Engagement™ is structured to last between 3 and 24 months and is billed at a Guaranteed 5 to 1 Return on Investment Ratio using your own financial numbers and key performance indicators. We also deduct the 4D Organizational Analysis™ costs from the weekly or monthly fee structure on a prorated basis over the length of the 4D Organizational Engagement™.

If our 4D International professionals are not able to achieve the 5 to 1 Return on Investment Ratio, we will work with your organization at no additional cost until we meet the guarantee.

To schedule your free no obligation consultation, please contact us.