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4D Knowledge Engagement™

In a competitive world, people and organizations alike must constantly acquire, create, share, and grow new or existing knowledge in order to achieve their goals. Individual and organizational learning is an intentional dimensional process directed at improving effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation. The process of continuous improvement, growth, and learning involves four main constructs; knowledge acquisition, information distribution, information interpretation, and memory recall. Each of these constructs independently represents a fraction of the true potential that learning and knowledge holds. Since the process of learning is dimensional, you need to integrate all of the constructs of learning simultaneously to produce targeted actionable results and knowledge transference. As knowledge goes beyond the speed of thought to produce these results, individuals and organizations will become more capable and competitive.

If you thought all knowledge was the same you have already taken yourself out of the competitive “game” of life and business. In the new global knowledge economy, an organization’s ability to leverage all of the available explicit knowledge with internally generated implicit knowledge is what will ultimately differentiate success and failure. Our teams of 4D International professionals work hand-in-hand with every client to develop the core learning and knowledge capabilities that organizations need as they struggle to survive, compete, succeed, and grow in an ever-changing globalized world.

Client Deliverables Include:

        Comprehensive organizational development analysis

        Identification of specific learning content gaps

        Prioritization of knowledge as it relates to the business value stream

        Development of additional “gap” learning content

        Transformation of existing learning content to support the business value stream

        Development of an efficient and effective knowledge delivery channel

        Creation of an internal organizational development strategic business partner

        Train-the-Trainer learning events

        Large and small group training events

        Coaching and mentoring learning event follow-up

Working hand-in-hand with every client, we create an environment and culture that facilitates lifelong learning and continuous improvement; while also allowing individuals and the collective organization to unlock and actualize their unlimited potential. As clients leverage learning and knowledge in every aspect of their daily operations, organizational development becomes a value added strategic business partner. This allows individuals and the organization to Go Dimensional™ and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

4D Upfront Pricing & Guarantee

Our 4D Knowledge Engagement™ length and staffing levels vary depending on the size of the organization and scope of the engagement.The cost is based off of $350.00 (USD) per hour and is adjusted accordingly for our international 4D Member Firms. Train-the-Trainer Learning Events are priced at $150.00 (USD) per training hour per trainer being trained and employee training events are $50.00 (USD) per training hour per employee. Both of the training fee structures are based off of a minimum of 10 people and include all of the course training materials and instructor travel expenses.

We guarantee that our 4D International professionals will drive knowledge beyond the speed of thought. If for any reason an employee is not able to master the delivered materials we will coach and mentor them on the material at no additional cost until they master the course concepts or skills.

To schedule your free no obligation consultation, please contact us.