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4D Knowledge Certifications

4D International certified businesses and people around the globe are revolutionizing the way the world experiences and does business, one person at a time one business at a time. Through our revolutionary public and private certification programs, our teams of dedicated 4D International professionals train and certify hundreds of individuals, executives, managers, and businesses every year in the delivery and execution of our proprietary 4D Knowledge Solutions and dimensional organizational improvement processes.

As a certified business or individual you may independently deliver any of the training courses that you are certified in within your own business as long as you purchase any additional training materials in accordance with the licensing agreement. The benefits in becoming certified are two-fold; first you can deliver the materials within your own business at a reduced cost; second, you can integrate the certified offerings into an existing consulting and training business model generating additional revenues within your organization.

4D Certifications Include:

        UnThink™ Business Course Certifications start at $4400.00 per course, per individual

        UnThink™ Lifestyle Course Certifications start at $4400.00 per course, per individual

        4D iMap™ Business Training Simulation Certifications start at $4400.00 per course, per individual

        4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Certification starts at $9995.00 per individual

        4D TRU-Advisor™ Lifestyle Certification starts at $9995.00 per individual

Built on years of real-world experiences with business improvement and change initiatives our 4D Certification Programs are road-tested and proven to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that individuals and businesses need as they Go Dimensional and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

For additional information on  4D Certifications, please contact us.