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UnThink™ Business Courses

In today's ever-changing competitive world, it is getting increasingly more difficult to achieve marginal improvements in business. Individuals, businesses, and organizations alike are realizing that they must do something dramatically different to survive and succeed. The key to improvement now and into the future is to use a completely new way of thinking or "unthinking", in a targeted effort, to produce sustainable quantum leap results and improvements.

Leveraging our proprietary UnThink™ Business Process and the 4D Singularity Key™, our global network of 4D International professionals collaborate with every client to accelerate the pace of improvement and change in a revolutionary new way. We UnThink™ business as usual to create targeted "aha moments" that are designed to produce real world actionable outcomes and results as you Go Dimensional™ and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

Once you UnThink™ any aspect of your business or organization, it is easy to Go Dimensional™ because you know and understand the "how" that drives each of the specific focus areas within this innovative 4D Knowledge Solution. Understanding the "how" is the first step in unlocking and actualizing the unlimited potential that is inherent in every individual, business, and organization. The quantum leap advancements, improvements, and growth that our UnThink™ Business Courses deliver drives knowledge and learning beyond the speed of thought as individuals, businesses, and organizations gain a real competitive advantage in the process.

UnThink™ Business Courses:

Business as Usual


Change Management

Customer & Supplier Relationships

Client Management

Coaching for Results

Communicating Corporate Culture

Contractor Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cost Reduction & Overhead

Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence


Growth & Profits


Key Performance Indicators

Managing People Effectively



Mergers & Acquisitions


New Business Development

Operational Improvement

Organizational Alignment

Organizational Development

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Engagement

Organizational Execution

Organizational Leadership

Organizational Strategy

Organizational Vision

Performance Improvement

Performance Management

Personal Effectiveness

Planning, Forecasting, & Budgeting

Planning & Scheduling

Process Improvement


Project Management



Sales & Marketing


Strategic Communication

Talent Management


Time Management

The Brand Called "You"

The Role of the Center

Training & Skills Development

Each of our UnThink™ Business Courses are customizable and scalable while they target the current and ever-changing needs of our clients around the globe. Whether you select one specific focus area or work with us to develop a comprehensive training plan that covers multiple focus areas, we are certain that this innovative dimensional knowledge solution will have a lasting positive impact on you or your organization as you Go Dimensional™ and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

4D Upfront Pricing & Guarantee

Our UnThink™ Business Courses can be delivered by one of our experienced 4D International professionals at a location of your choice or each course can be purchased independently so that you can deliver the course yourself utilizing our detailed instructors guide, presentation slides, and participant materials. Additional customization, train-the-trainer support, and post course coaching or mentoring differentiate our UnThink™ Business Courses from every other organizational development solution.

Instructor Led Courses - Our onsite instructor led courses start at $50 (USD) per person, per course hour with a minimum of 10 participants (8 hour minimum). Instructor travel expenses will be billed at cost. For our international clients outside the USA the hourly rate is adjusted accordingly based of the country.

Train-the-Trainer Learning Events - Our onsite instructor led Train-the-Trainer Learning Events are priced at $150.00 (USD) per trainer, per course hour with a minimum of 5 participants at 8 hours. Instructor travel expenses will be billed at cost. For our international clients outside the USA the hourly rate is adjusted accordingly based on the country. Off the Shelf Training Material must also be purchased in conjunction with the Train-the-Trainer Learning Event.

Off the Shelf Training Materials - Business Courses can be purchased for $995.00 (USD). This includes our detailed instructors guide, presentation slides, and 10 sets of participant materials; additional participant materials can be purchased for $49.95 (USD) each. Customization and volume prices are also available.

We guarantee that our 4D International professionals will drive knowledge beyond the speed of thought. If for any reason an employee is not able to master the course materials that our 4D International professionals deliver through an instructor led course we will coach or mentor them on the material at no additional cost until they master the course concepts or skills.

To schedule your free no obligation training consultation, please contact us.