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4D Organizational Analysis™

To understand any business or organization, you must first understand all of the parts within it; the people, knowledge, systems, and results as they interconnect and relate to each other. Our 4D International professionals collaborate with every level of your organization to understand the past, present, and future barriers to success. Whether we are looking at one single area of your operation or the entire organization, the first step is simple and straightforward. Exploratory interviews, fact-finding assessments, and a comprehensive analysis provide the details that are critical to understanding the potential opportunities, barriers to success, constraints, and failures within the business or organization. Together we review each finding, discuss the opportunities, and determine what the next steps should be.

Our teams of 4D International professionals have the knowledge and the experience to help you and your organization, Go Dimensional™. Working hand-in-hand with you and your team, we look at every aspect of your business or organization as an integrated cohesive whole, as we identify the opportunities and barriers that are constraints in the daily operations.

The 4D Organizational Analysis™ Evaluates

Operational Efficiencies

Change Management

Financial Performance

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Engagement 

Knowledge Utilization

Communication Effectiveness

Performance Management

Human Capital Skills Requirements

Talent Management

Process Based Improvements

Organizational Development

Learning Effectiveness

Corporate Social Responsibility Effectiveness

Quality & Service Standards

And Many More Areas Of Opportunity...

Utilizing our fast-paced proprietary 4D Organizational Analysis™ process, we quantify the benefits of change, improvement, and growth, present them back to you, provide supporting documentation, uncover organizational constraints, and draw out a real-world vision and strategy for improvement. We discus our findings in a very straightforward way so that all parties involved know and understand how and why we came to our conclusions as we address your organizational needs and desires. Together we UnThink™ business as usual; developing a customized, zero net cost dimensional solution that removes the identified barriers to success while also unlocking and actualizing your organizations unlimited potential as you and your organization Go Dimensional™ and begin to experience Driving Singularity.

4D Upfront Pricing & Guarantee

Our 4D Organizational Analysis™ time-frame and staffing levels vary depending on the size and scope of the analysis. On average, each analysis lasts between one day and three weeks and is supported by one to ten 4D International professionals.The cost is based off of $350.00 (USD) per hour and is adjusted accordingly for our international 4D Member Firms. This hourly rate includes all travel and related expenses. Upon completion of the analysis, should you choose to move forward with a 4D Organizational Engagement™  or a 4D Tru-Advisor™ Business Engagement we will deduct the cost of the analysis from the weekly or monthly fee structure on a prorated basis over the length of the customized solution that is right for your organization.

We guarantee that our 4D International professionals will be able to quantify a 5 to 1 Return on Investment Ratio using your own financial numbers and key performance indicators for our 4D Organizational Engagement or our 4D TRU-Advisor™ Business Engagement. If we can not achieve this ratio we will work with your organization at no additional cost until we meet this guarantee.

To schedule your free no obligation consultation, please contact us.