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Just Be Human™

The Just Be Human™ initiative strives to make the impossible, possible by bringing individuals, corporations, social groups, non-governmental organizations, and governments together under a unified effort that addresses some of the world’s greatest challenges. In this call to action, we are reaching out to unite the world behind a common thought and vision that each of us as humans can relate to and take part in.

As humans, we all share equally in a responsibility to reduce need globally. When one human needs, we all need. Just Be Human™ is not only a charitable initiative; it is an idea in motion. Together using conventional and non-conventional means we can re-imagine the possibilities and begin to change the world.

Just Be Human™ acts as a unifying agent, creating a single branded initiative with four project campaigns fitting almost every charitable endeavor. Due to increasing need, current charitable organizations around the globe are falling short in their efforts. It is time to think and act outside the box to make a difference in our world today.

We each have strengths that we can contribute to this initiative whether it is finances, knowledge, resources, or our own time and energies. Take a moment to understand the initiative and its four key components then join with us and act! One common action will always produce more results than the potential of many different thoughts never acted upon.

The project campaigns within the Just Be Human™ initiative include:

Think It – Education Projects:  Many people in the world today do not have the chance to succeed because they are denied or do not have the basic right to receive an education. A sustainable end to world poverty, as well as the path to peace and security requires that every individual be empowered to make positive choices, understand those choices, and provide for themselves and their families. Knowledge, an understanding of cultures, and the arts are the world’s foundation to build a better tomorrow. Education occurs through various delivery mechanisms; schools, vocational training, incubator business initiatives, mentoring, coaching, and many other forms each having positive impacts on our world.

See It – Humanitarian Projects:  Humanitarian work covers a full range of activities including; advocacy, public benefit, faith based activities, prevention, preparedness, direct response, rehabilitation, and crisis response. Situations created by war, drought, floods, earthquakes, famine, and poverty all represent areas where humanitarian initiatives are imperative to human survival.

Do It – Health Projects:  A healthy population is critical to economic growth and development. Yet many people live in the shadow of major epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), malaria, cancer, and the like. Health tragedies cause great suffering and diminish individual, societal, and economic growth making it difficult to break the vicious cycle of poverty and human suffering around the globe.

Live It – Environmental Projects:  Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our time. Recent events have demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change. Environmental impacts can range from global warming, increased natural disasters, species extinction, animal exploitation, contaminated drinking water, and many more. The environment plays a critical role in our own ability to survive and prosper.

Together we can change the world… Just Be Human™ – Think it, See it, Do it, Live it!