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Organizational Co-Venture

Many times it makes business sense for an organization to co-venture with 4D International on a specific opportunity in order to leverage and maximize both of our collective capabilities and overall success. In these types of situations a consulting, training, professional services, or technology company could bring their expertise to the table and 4D International could bring their expertise, solution, products, or services to the table to jointly leverage both organization's capabilities. Each specific situation and the over-all client relationship will determine which party should be the lead in providing the services to the client.

Most organizational co-venture opportunities are opportunistic and are structured for a specific instance or period of time. When there have been a number of organizational co-ventures and both parties are willing to dedicate resources and time to a more formal arrangement - in some cases it makes sense to move forward and explore entering into a long term strategic alliance. 

Our organizational co-venture is designed to be the foundation of our 4D Member Firm strategic alliances. This allows each party to understand how the other works and jointly gain experience working together in the marketplace while augmenting and leveraging our worldwide 4D Member Firm network as we strategically expand our solution, product, and service offerings, our talent, our expertise, and our knowledge with offerings that our 4D Member Firms currently do not provide.

Organizational Co-Venture Value Criteria

Both parties must establish and define what the professional business relationship entails.

There must be the potential to generate revenue with the co-venture partner that is in line with our organizational parameters. To remain a viable organizational co-venture 4D International requires the co-venture relationship to generate the equivalent of $1 million USD per year with strong potential for sustainable growth after the initial roll out phase is completed.

There must be a clear description on the joint engagements that fall under a legal agreement, which governs the specific go-to-market initiative that is mutually agreed to by both parties.

Legal protections to mitigate any risks to either party must be agreed upon with respect to the relationship.

If joint marketing requires the presence and use of the 4D International name, logos, or trademarks all marketing must be approved by 4D International's leadership team to ensure that the 4D International brand is represented accurately. 

Joint solution development criteria and solution ownership either exclusive, non-exclusive, or co-ownership parameters must be clearly defined to mitigate any risk to either party and future use agreements need to be in place.

All organizational co-venture opportunities must relate to solutions, products, or services that better help a client solve a business challenge, lifestyle challenge, or grow knowledge in some capacity. Many of these relationships are "vertical" or industry-focused, but there may be instances where a "horizontal" relationship may be more relevant, in such a case the co-venture relationship will be hosted under 4D International verses a particular 4D Member Firm. 

Co-venture relationships must not be in conflict with any other strategic alliances of 4D International, the 4D executive leadership team has final authority on organizational co-venture agreements.

Every co-venture opportunity must be properly resourced and funded by either the 4D International Member Firm or the co-venture partner; which ever party has the greatest equity stake meaning capital, resources, or time commitment in the relationship will be the lead regardless of who brought the client relationship to the table.

In every organizational co-venture a solid business model must be developed. We review every potential opportunity against our business model, client needs, and market trends to ensure that each 4D Co-Venture partnership that we enter into adds intrinsic and extrinsic value to our clients, our partners, our 4D Member Firms, and the collective 4D International "brand". An underlying ideology that drives each 4D Co-Venture is that if we work together, we will gain more than if we worked separately or competed against each other.

Contact us to learn how our 4D Co-Ventures can open up a world of opportunities.