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Individual Co-Venture

Around the globe, 4D International works with leading organizations and individuals to create and deliver real competitive advantages by building our clients' capabilities and helping them successfully navigate through critical junctures in their business or life. We know that our clients' success depends on differentiating their capabilities – and we have the experience and depth within 4D International to ensure that our clients gain the advantage they need.

We believe that most working relationships that we enter into should start as a co-venture. This enables each party to understand how the other works while we gain experience working together in the marketplace. Most individual co-venture opportunities are structured to provide independently contracted individuals with the opportunity to operate under the 4D International umbrella as a 4D TRU-Advisor, 4D Specialist, or member on the 4D International Advisory Board. This co-venture relationship primarily works independently or interdependently within the structure of a given 4D Member Firm or in the case of the 4D Advisory Board under 4D International. Both parties must establish and define what the professional business relationship entails and there must be the potential to generate revenue with the co-venture relationship that is in line with our organizational parameters.

Our individual co-venture is designed to augment and leverage our worldwide 4D Member Firm network as we strategically expand our solution, product, and service offerings, our talent, our expertise, and our knowledge by adding additional independent resources to our global network of 4D International professionals. Through our individual co-venture relationships we typically contract with an individual to supply services in a sub-contractor relationship for a given period. Upon completion of this period the relationship is reviewed and both parties can explore entering into a long-term strategic alliance.

Individual Co-Venture Value Criteria

Establish credible and enduring professional business relationships with 4D International clients and our team of 4D International professionals.

Ensure that the identified client engagement deliverables occur on time and are consistent with both client and 4D International business requirements for cost, schedule, and quality. Deliverables may include, but are not limited to, design or redesign of key business operating systems, client engagement management, key event schedules, task force team management, methods for improvement, process redesign, knowledge development activities, etc.

Participate in the business development activities, client engagement design specifications, transitions, and other named deliverables, to ensure the continuity and delivery of the agreed upon client benefits.

Comply with all communication requirements from both a client and company perspective.

Initiate areas of additional opportunity. Individual co-venture relationships must be able to bring something to the table.

Be able to accurately analyze work processes, systems, organizational functions, and organizational structures using interviews, observation, data and statistical analysis studies and techniques to determine where and how to generate measurable and quantifiable client benefits as required by the type of co-venture relationship that is in place.

Prepare and conduct meetings and one-on-one interactions with clients and colleagues to ensure the client engagement responsibilities are delivered on time and exceeding the minimum deliverables set out by the client engagement management team.

Assume the appropriate roles of advisor, facilitator, co-leader, presenter, and/or trainer as required by the situation both within the client’s organization and within 4D International.

Prepare written and oral feedback, presentation materials, critiques, systems documentation, process descriptions, evaluations, data summaries, and reports using the appropriate 4D International company specified templates.

Initiate innovative solutions where required and work closely with colleagues and client engagement management to ensure they are delivered for the most effective impact.

Communicate and co-ordinate individual and team efforts within the disciplines of the company.

Contribute to the knowledge base of 4D International, i.e., development and submission of methodology, updating current tools or templates, defining, designing, and submitting new tools or templates as needed in organization.

Contribute to the content management activities of 4D International by submitting all required files and documentation.

Many individuals approach 4D International to discuss possible co-venture and strategic relationships. We, like most client focused organizations, need to make careful choices about the individuals or organizations with which we align ourselves. Each individual co-venture relationship is managed by the specific 4D Member Firm that has specifically contracted with the individual. 4D International's executive leadership team must approve all 4D Co-Venture relationship opportunities. 

Submit your application to be considered for an individual co-venture.