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4D Co-Ventures

To retain our position as the world's foremost common sense company, 4D International is committed to fostering a collaborative environment between like-minded businesses and individuals that have a desire to make a real and lasting impact on the world. We understand that the most effective way to continue to grow the 4D International "brand" and to service our ever-expanding client-base is through the forging of strategic partnerships with leading and emerging companies and individuals that share 4D International's fundamental beliefs and values. But this does not mean that we co-venture or partner with everyone. We review every potential opportunity against our business model, client needs, and market trends to ensure that each 4D Co-Venture partnership that we enter into adds intrinsic and extrinsic value to our clients, our partners, our 4D Member Firms, and the collective 4D International "brand". An underlying ideology that drives each 4D Co-Venture is that if we work together, we will gain more than if we worked separately or competed against each other.

4D Co-Venture Value Criteria

Each relationship needs to support and expand the existing 4D International solution, product, and service offerings within areas that we have made a strategic decision to grow or expand our market share; while creating new and unique market offerings that will drive incremental revenues that are replicable across multiple industries or global regions, and contribute to differentiating 4D International in the market place.

Each relationship needs to create multiplier effects where there is an exponential financial return for the investment that is made over a specified period. These returns should be spread across more than one of 4D International's entities or create additional opportunities for 4D International to "test the waters" in various markets without the one sided commitment of large amounts of capital or resources.

Each relationship needs to create differentiated market offerings that leverage multiple solutions, products, or services under one common "umbrella" to deliver more value to our clients than stand-alone products could. By packaging higher value solutions, products, and services together we can realize strategic or tactical benefits that drive enhanced margins and provide 4D International with a marked competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Each relationship needs to create opportunities for 4D International to strategically increase its capacity or capabilities within industries or regions of the world in support of our organizational, strategic, or growth objectives, while also expanding upon 4D International's brand potential, knowledge acquisition, and talent development.

In creating a 4D Co-Venture partnership or relationship there must be a common value proposition for every party that is involved, including our collective client bases. All parties need to clearly benefit as a result of the effort that is put into the co-venture relationship and ultimately the client must see and realize the greater value in our combined efforts, believing that they will experience a better result by working with us together rather than with each party separately. 

Building strong and lasting relationships can be challenging at times and require hard work, but the payoffs can be well worth the time and the energy that is put into creating, building, and growing them. No matter which 4D Co-Venture you are considering, our strategic partnerships are an excellent way to react quickly to changing global markets, significantly mitigate risks, and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Contact us to learn how our 4D Co-Ventures can open up a world of opportunities.