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4D Worldwide

At 4D International, we know the world, the world of business, and the people that drive it. Having gained real-world experiences in over 80 countries we are the driving global force that is affecting and effecting change, improvement, and growth in people, businesses, and organizations.

Our ever-expanding global member-firm network leverages 4D International’s integrated global business model to deliver our collective knowledge, our proven transformational methodologies, our proprietary dimensional processes, and our innovative solutions, products, and services to clients around the world as we help them to Go Dimensional™, actualize their unlimited potential, and begin to experience Driving Singularity

Each of our 4D Member Firms across the globe is committed to giving something back to the world in which we live, work, and serve. Every 4D Member Firm participates in our 4D Global Citizenship efforts and our Just Be Human™ initiative, as we collectively strive to make a real and meaningful difference in the world. 

Global 4D International Member Firms

4D International – Global

4D International – Australia

4D International – Canada

4D International – Indonesia

4D International – Malaysia

4D International – Mexico

4D International – Netherlands

4D International – Singapore

4D International – South Africa

4D International – Turkey

4D International – United Kingdom

4D International – United States

Our global 4D Member Firms are part of a “family” rather than a hierarchy. Each 4D Member Firm is empowered to run their own affairs, but collectively every aspect of our organization comes together under the 4D International brand to help one another succeed. In a sense, instead of being a top down autocracy we are a commonwealth, with shared ideas, values, interests, and goals. We recognize the need to innovate constantly and we respond rapidly to changing issues, wherever they may be across the globe. Every business venture, solution, product, or service that we integrate into the 4D International brand addresses real-world challenges and contributes to making a lasting difference in the world.

We understand that the most effective way to continue to grow the 4D International "brand" and to service our ever-expanding client-base is through the forging of strategic partnerships with leading and emerging companies and individuals that share 4D International's fundamental beliefs and values. Our 4D Co-Venture program is designed to augment and leverage our worldwide network of global and industry 4D Member Firms as we strategically expand our solution, product, and service offerings, our talent, our expertise, and our knowledge.