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About 4D International

4D International is the "brand" under which our global network of 4D International professionals collaborate and operate to provide common sense solutions, products, and services to our clients around the world. Our people, our knowledge, our ability to be relative, our systems, our results, and our unrivaled client experience make us the world's foremost purveyor of common sense. There is nothing more important to the future of our organization than the value and relationships we build with our clients, the experience we create, and the management of our most important resources – human capital and the knowledge that we collectively hold.

Several factors contribute to the success of the 4D International brand. The power of the 4D International name; the personal reputations of our 4D International professionals; our global network of strategic partners; the 4D International management style; the fact that we embrace our successes and our failures equally; and the people, knowledge, relativity, value, and experience that we bring to every facet of our business. To some traditionalists, the fact that 4D International is a dimensional organization that empowers our professionals to flourish independently and collectively, has minimal management layers, no bureaucracy, no massive global headquarters, and is not afraid to succeed or fail is an inconceivable way to run a business and goes against the grain too much. However, this works for us! We win big, and at times, we fail big but one thing is certain – we always learn, grow, adapt, and come out farther ahead than if we never took the risks or experienced everything the world has to offer.

In business and in life, positive and negative results matter. What you do with those results, in real-time, differentiates you from everyone else. While incremental improvement is comfortable, great success does not come from being comfortable. To win big, you must also be willing to fail big! It is not always about taking the safe road; it is about living, learning, striving to achieve, and ultimately growing from the experience. The day that you stop truly experiencing life and pushing your own limits, is the day that you just opened up the door to allow the rest of the world to pass by you. We all face a paradox in the new global knowledge economy; in order to master a market or succeed, you need to leverage knowledge while also being consistent. However, do not confuse consistency with complacency. The minute that you do, you are doomed to fail. Our people and our clients understand this fact well; this is just one of the many differentiating characteristics of 4D International.

Operationally, 4D International is comprised of an interdependent member-firm network that supports the broad and diverse needs of our clients. Our interdependent 4D Member Firm network shares our organization's collective knowledge, our global resources, our proprietary transformational methodologies, and our client focused solutions. The relentless pursuit of the highest quality in our professional work is fundamental to our firm’s foundation. We do not take for granted the trust placed in 4D International by our clients and the wider global community we serve; sustaining this trust rests with every individual – at every level – within our organization. 

Our 4D Member Firms are part of a “family” rather than a hierarchy. We listen, hear, and understand what is going on around us in an effort to remain relative; we share our insights, knowledge and wisdom; we constantly adapt to the dynamic and ever-changing world; we grow every day both individually and collectively; we learn from our successes and our failures as we experience the journey together. Each 4D Member Firm is empowered to run their own affairs, but collectively every aspect of our organization comes together under the 4D International brand to help one another succeed. In a sense, instead of being a top down autocracy we are a commonwealth, with shared ideas, values, interests, and goals. We recognize the need to innovate constantly and we respond rapidly to changing issues, wherever they may be across the globe. Every business venture, solution, product, or service that we integrate into the 4D International brand addresses real-world challenges and contributes to making a lasting difference in the world.

Above all else, 4D International is committed to creating an experience that is capable of Driving Singularity in everything we set out to undertake.